The Cooper School Daily

Ready, Set, Go!


  Students began designing and engineering their own go-carts this week during science. Students collaborated to create a design propelled by rubber bands. These young scientists then learned the importance of wheels, axles and bearings to construct their go-cart. The two-meter race will take place next week after further construction. Ask your child about their design!


 This week, we began our first novel study: Holes by Louis Sachar. In this novel, students will follow a double plot line, be able to recognize character traits and track character relationships. This novel is always a favorite!


This week in centers, students were split into groups to research and collaborate the ways TCS disposes of Recycling, Compost and Trash. Students chose a topic and worked with their group to create a poster and presentation based on this topic. The students will be educating the rest of the school on how we can reduce food and trash waste at snack and lunch. Students enjoyed researching and creatively putting the research on their poster. Ask your student what they can recycle, compost or trash!


September 28th -Curriculum Night

Oct. 9 & 10th– Fall Break