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Journalism Center

As a way to integrate all of their hard work in Writing Workshop, your journalists have been broadcasting their news reports on their iPads during centers this week.  Some students conducted interviews while others simply reported on an event they experienced.  Before filming they made sure to set up a background with the words TCS News written on it.  They spoke in a professional manner as they reported on the important happenings at The Cooper School.  Look for one of these videos in your email next week!



As you probably know, the South Carolina primary will take place this Saturday.  In an effort to relay the importance of voting to the younger generation, your 5th graders had the opportunity to participate in a statewide South Carolina Primary for students only.  This poll was open from Wednesday, February 17 through Friday, February 19.  Each student had an opportunity to scan through all of the 7 candidates and make their selection.  By Monday we will be able to view the results from all students who participated in South Carolina.  Currently, Hillary Clinton is winning with 23.2% of the vote, Donald Trump is in second with 20.9% of the vote, and Bernie Sanders is in 3rd with 17.7% of the vote.  The poll breaks down votes from elementary, middle, and high school students as well as students living in urban, suburban, and rural areas.  It will be interesting to see trends as we analyze results on Monday!

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Which comes first when solving a number sentence:  parentheses, multiplication, exponents, or addition?  If you said parentheses you are correct! This was the hard work your 5th graders were doing this week as they learned the order of operations.  The mnemonic device for order of operations is Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally.  This helps us remember that the order of operations is 1)Parentheses, 2) Exponents, 3)Multiplication and Division, 4) Addition and Subtraction.  Give your child a math problem with several operations and see if they can figure it out!