The Cooper School Daily

Real World Measurements!



This week Second Graders have been measuring in math. They have learned to measure precisely using tools such as a ruler, yardstick, and tape measure. Students measured long and short distances with both the Customary Units of Measurement and the Metric System. They measured the lengths of different objects around the playground such as the balance beam, garden boxes, picnic tables, and swing set. They learned that converting lengths using the Metric Base 10 units are much easier than converting the Customary Units of Length. Beak Adaptations 1 


Bird Study


Second Graders learned about the different adaptations of various types of birds. Students partner read and shared their thoughts. They wrote about bird adaptations and used different tools to represent several types of bird’s beaks. The students received a small bag filled with different types of food. Students explored which beak would be best suited for each type of food. They recorded their information in a table and shared their results. Later in the week,Bird Adaptations 2 ornithologists were put into one of three bird categories; birds of prey, water birds, or songbirds. Bird lovers chose a particular bird from their category they were interested in researching. Bird choices included everything from fast flying hummingbirds to graceful egrets and nocturnal owls.


Earth Day


This Friday was Earth Day! Although your planet savers are conscious of ways to protect the earth everyday at The Cooper School, we did an extra special celebration of Earth Day on Friday. During Whole School Morning Meeting,  Miss Erin asked the students to brainstorm several ways that we could observe Earth Day at school. After compiling an amazing list and then voting, the student body decided that we would keep all the lights off in the school for the entire day! What an exciting way to preserve resources!



Important Dates:

Friday, May 6th                                  Grandparent’s Day (1/2 of School)

Friday, May 6th                                  Pass-It-On

Tuesday, May 24th                             Bird Study Presentation at 8:15 a.m.