The Cooper School Daily

Recognizing Empathy!

Empathy All Around:

Our class focused on the meaning of empathy and how empathizing with others is a valuable asset in life. Students shared personal stories of how they have showed empathy towards another friend or family member. During a whole group discussion, scholars expressed which characters from our Read Aloud book they empathized with. They were able to build upon their own understanding of the term and apply it to the text. The benefits of children embracing empathy in their lives is pivotal and helps them regulate their own emotions and build social connections. Please ask your child about the significance of showing empathy towards others. 

Mathematicians at Work: 

Fourth Grade mathematicians have been exploring tenths and hundredths with base-10 blocks. Students used a model to help them express a fraction with denominator 10 as an equivalent fraction with denominator 100. They used decimal notation for fractions. The lessons challenged each student to use materials to help them answer problems in their math journal. Students then used these skills and applied them to solving place-value problems for decimals. Please ask your child about math this week and how they felt using materials for their lessons. 

Let’s Read About The American Revolution: 

This week, Fourth Graders made a transition to reading historical fiction texts about the American Revolution. We have also started preparing for our “Rebels and Redcoats” study trip on December 6th by overviewing the important events of this war for independence. Students learned what life was like for the colonists and then focused on the events that led to the beginning of the war. Ask your child about the Stamp Act or The Boston Tea Party, which they  have been learning about in our classroom book, “Our Country and Its Regions.” Students are eager to learn more about this critical time in history. 

Important Dates 

Monday, 11/25 Harvest Feast (Half Day) 

Tuesday, 11/26 Half Day – 11:30 Dismissal

Wednesday-Sunday 11/27-12/1 Thanksgiving Break 

Friday, 12/6 4th Grade: Rebels and Redcoats Study Trip (10:00 am-12:30pm)

Friday, 12/13 3rd-5th Grade Movie Night