The Cooper School Daily

Rectangles, Fiction, and Magnets!


Mathematicians were all in this week with our new math curriculum! We spent the week exploring area and what it really means to find the area of a rectangle. Students learned that rectangles with the same area can sometimes look very different because they can have different side lengths!


For our very first writing unit of Fourth Grade we’re diving into writing Realistic Fiction! This is an especially exciting unit because students are able to create a story and put themselves in it, or even write about something they wish could happen to themselves! Ask your writer to tell you all about the story they’ve started writing this week!


This week in Science, Scientists have been working hard to explore how magnets work and what they stick to. We started off the week by learning all about what sticks to magnets and students were very interested to find that magnets don’t stick to all metal, only iron! We used this information to become iron and steel detectors in our classroom! Ask your scientist what materials they have at home that may have iron in them!

Important Dates:

  • September 6: Labor Day(No School)