The Cooper School Daily

Reflections & Paddling


This is sure to be one our favorite math units this year!  This week, your mathematicians experimented with transparent mirrors to study the concept of “reflection”.  They used their transparent mirrors to read secret messages, move insects across a page, and even play darts and billiards!  Through these activities, they discorvered that a relflection shows the opposite of the original image, and a line of reflection needs to be exactly in the middle of the two images.  The original image is called the “preimage” and the reflected image is called the “image”.  Ask your child what their favorite activity in math was this week!



This week students continued their study of the human body with a focus on joints.  During this experiment students had different fingers immobilized on each hand. On one hand students had immobilized thumbs, and on the other hand they had immobilized pointer and middle fingers.  After immobilizing certain digits, students had to perform a series of tasks.  These tasks ranged from tying knots to writing letters.  Not having full use of their hands, gave the class a greater appreciation for the importance of their joints!  Later in the week, students learned about the three main types of joints and how they move; hinge joints, ball and socket joints, and gliding joints. 

joint pic

Kayaking and Paddle Boarding

This week we completed our first field trip to James Island County Park for kayaking and paddle boarding lessons. We had a blast! This week we started with paddle boarding and students learned the proper way to sit, stand and kneel on their boards and how to do a pivot turn.  We had beautiful weather and a lovely day on the water! 


Important Dates:

  • Friday, May 6th                                  Grandparent’s Day (11:30 Dismissal)
  • Friday, May 6th                                  Pass-It-On
  • Friday, May 13th                                2nd Kayaking & SUP Trip
  • Friday, May 20th                                3rd Kayaking & SUP Trip
  • Friday, May 27th                                4th Kayaking & SUP Trip