The Cooper School Daily

Researchers, Self-Reflectors and Relationship Builders

Researching in Third Grade

Our research projects have taken off in Third Grade! Researchers have been diving deep into their quest to find information to answer the: who, what, when, where, why and how about each of their research topics. These brave scholars have been quite busy learning how to search for information about their topics, bookmarking pages and recording organized notes. Third Graders used the information they have gathered to place their topic’s location on a map. They also collaborated to build a timeline showing when their topics occurred or originated. Next week students will organize their notes into paragraphs and then begin building a 3-D model of topics on a map!

Self- Reflection

Scholars at The Cooper School have a big job coming up in March. They will sit down with moms and dads to lead a conference about their own learning! Students in Third Grade spent the week reflecting on themselves as learners as they began to prepare for student-led conferences in March. Thoughtful Third Graders spent time identifying areas in their school life that are strengths and areas where they would like to grow as scholars. They were able to name ways to reach their scholarly goals and even wrote about people who could help them achieve their academic goals! Next week we will spend time closely reflecting on each subject area as we continue to prepare to dazzle moms and dads at student-led conferences.

Building Relationships

This week Third Graders took time to observe their classmates and share thoughtful observations during our Close of Day. Third Graders were observing their peers to identify positive behaviors and ways that their classmates demonstrated positivity throughout the week. We spent time during our Morning Meetings sharing positive statements that we can say to ourselves when things might feel challenging. We are training our brains to think in positive ways. These mindful scholars know that positivity is the key to success!

Important Dates

Tuesday, February 14th                Valentine’s Day Concert 1-3pm

Monday, February 20th               No School

Tuesday, February 21st                No School

Tuesday, February 28th              Study Trip to Charleston Stage for Peter         and the Starcatcher

Monday, March 6th            Student-Led Conferences, 11:30 Dismissal

Tuesday, March 7th             Student-Led Conferences, 11:30 Dismissal

Monday, March 13th          Asia Presentation