The Cooper School Daily

Revising Poetry

Morning Meeting

Miles has been in charge of Morning Meeting this week. He discussed creativity and why it is important. One of the activities that Miles came up with was to create something out of items we had available in the classroom. These were things like post-its, paperclips, scrap paper, etc. Students made amazing structures by using their creativity to make something beautiful out of ordinary, everyday objects. Ask your child what they created this week!





Multiplying Mixed Numbers

Fifth Grade mathematicians have been working with mixed numbers this week. Students were given real-world problems to work with when multiplying mixed numbers together. In class, we figured out how many ¼ by ¼ tiles we would use if we wanted to tile a kitchen floor that was 46 ¾ square feet in area. Students drew out area models to help come to a conclusion and solve the problem.


Editing poetry

This week we worked with Kindergarten buddies to help edit poetry. Pass It On is coming up quickly and we are getting ready here at The Cooper School. Fifth Graders did a fabulous job working with others and helping our young poets edit and practice their poetry for this big day. We have been focusing on checking for line breaks, word choice, and other poetry tools that will make their poems great! I am excited for you all to hear these poems that our class has worked so hard on.

Important Dates:


Thursday, April 18th-     SUP/Kayak Field Trip


Friday, April 19th-     April Break- No School


Monday, April 22nd-     April Break- No School


Thursday, April 25th     Spring Auction


Friday, May 10th   11:30 Dismissal


Friday, May 10th Pass It On (5pm-6pm)