The Cooper School Daily

RIP Jerry

Jerry the Gerbil

This week, Third Graders said farewell to a good friend, our class pet, Jerry the Gerbil. Jerry passed away over the weekend after a full, long life surrounded by the love and care of many students over the years. This Monday, students gathered with letters as we buried Jerry in the Cooper School backyard while sharing some favorite memories. We all smiled remembering that Jerry’s last big trip was to Disney World while evacuating for Hurricane Florence.



Third Graders enjoyed balancing math and fun. First, students used a panscale to predict which items in our classroom have the same weight. They then used math cubes to measure the weight of selected items in grams. Later, students used data collected about their favorite subjects to learn about line graphs. With different types of data collected and graphs made, students are learning about a variety of ways to view data collections as well as identify the maximum, minimum, and mode of data sets.


Drama with Charleston Stage

Third Graders were charmed this week with Charleston Stage visiting for a full week of morning drama classes. Students grinned from ear to ear as they created tableaus illustrating social and environmental activism. This was especially exciting for our Third Grade class as it provided a wonderful introduction to our upcoming Social Studies unit on social advocacy.


Important Dates:

  • October 12th – 11:30am Dismissal
  • October 15th – Make Up Day (normal school day)
  • October 17th- 3rd Grade Parent Morning Meeting (8am)
  • October 31st – Halloween Carnival (11:30am Dismissal)