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Roald Dahl, Cursive, and Visiting Ashepoo Plantation…

Reading Workshop

Second Grade readers spent the week jumping into an exciting new unit on Roald Dahl! Scholars STudy Trip 2loved meeting the unique characters in the book, Magic Finger, by Roald Dahl. In this thought provoking story, students encounter a little girl who casts a curse on the Gregg Family. She becomes red with rage when the family carelessly hunts animals for fun. The Greggs awake one morning to find their arms have changed to wings and the ducks wings to arms. Students practiced making predictions, rereading for details in the story, and writing written responses about the characters in the story.


Cursive Handwriting

Handwriting usually takes a backseat in today’s classrooms. Oddly enough, kids are expected to write more than ever in school today. In order to meet the expectations and feel successful, they need a strong handwriting foundation. Second Graders have a unique interest in learning cursive handwriting. Less than a month ago, scholars began learning how to write and read in cursive. These motivated learners completed their Introduction to Cursive Handwriting lessons this week. Students enjoyed the challenge of reading all of the morning messages in cursive.


Study Trip

Students joined Kindergarten this week on a study trip to Ashepoo Plantation. With over Study Trip 1200,000 acres of serine beauty, Ashepoo is located in the ACE Basin. Through several partnerships, the land has been conserved and protected. Second Grade explorers walked along the marshes and observed wildlife all around them. They were able to spy several water birds and some birds of prey. They even passed gators lurking in the murky water. It was a great beginning to a series of study trips all focusing on the culmination of our study on birds.

Important Dates

May 24th                                 Bird Study Presentation at 8:15

May 24th                                 Magnolia Gardens Study Trip

May 27th                                 Birds of Prey Study Trip

May 30th                                 No School – Memorial Day

June 2nd                                  ½ Day – 5th Grade Graduation

June 3rd                                  ½ Day – Field Day