The Cooper School Daily

Rocking and Rolling!


This year Second Graders begin each math lesson with Rocket Math. This is a short daily practiceRocket Math for learning math facts. All Second Grade scholars begin with addition. Students work through the facts pages, moving forward at their own pace. This is a combination of oral practice with a partner and timed fact practice. The purpose of this math program is to increase student automaticity. This is an important step for future success in math. Students will be expected to answer basic math facts without counting, as fast as they can write the numbers.


Second Graders dived even deeper into their study of geology this week. These super scientists used field tools to explore how to separate and classify rocks. By using screens and magnifying glasses, students separated a rock mixture by particle size: from pebbles to gravel to sand! They also shook up some sand and water solutions. Students made fantastic observations andScience predictions as the particles separated in the water.


Memorable Moments

Second Graders teamed up with First Grade and Third Grade lunch buddies this week. They enjoyed playing with their new friend at recess. New friendships were made and old friendships were rekindled. Buddies played games such as sharks and minnows and color tag.

To bring our day to a close, Second Graders have ended by gathering on the carpet and sharing their favorite activity or something they have done well. This reinforces speaking and listening skills, but also allows students to reflect on their daily accomplishments. It’s touching to watch students become thoughtful and reflective on their daily success.


Important Dates:

Monday, September 5th – Labor Day, No School

Thursday, September 29th – Curriculum Night, 5:30-6:30