The Cooper School Daily

Rocking Second Graders!


Second Graders spent this week using different strategies to sort through rocks. Second Graders sorted rocks by identifying various properties certain rocks share. Through investigation, Second Graders screened rocks to sort by size; discovering that rocks can be sorted by large pebbles, small pebbles, large gravel, small gravel, and sand. 


Second Graders went through four different centers this week reviewing shapes, money, time, poetry, and keyboarding skills. In one of the math centers, Second Graders were challenged to build a butterfly using various shapes; each shape had a value assigned to it and there was a budget of $1.00. The second math center allowed Second Graders to review time by creating a mini book going over their daily schedule. In the poetry center, Second Graders took a deeper look into different poems and then represented the meaning through pictures.

St. Patrick’s Day

On Thursday, Second Graders walked into a mess that the Leprechaun had left in the classroom! Everyone was surprised by the amount of money scattered all around the classroom. Second Graders had a great time counting the money and sharing their green with friends.

Important Dates:

March 28-April 1: Spring Break