The Cooper School Daily

Rocking Third Graders !!!


In reading, we started our unit on fairy tales. Together we read the story, The Twelve Dancing Princesses and learned about the setting of fairy tales. In writing, our Third Graders began their own adaptation story by picking a fairy tale and brainstorming how to make it similar and different to the original story. 


In science, we continued to care for and learn about the crayfish. The students have been able to hold, touch, and observe the crayfish throughout the week during our segment on live animals. We discovered that one of our crustacean friends molted its shell which was a very exciting discovery for the class! 


This week our Third Graders went around the classroom and into the school backyard and measured objects to match with given measurements. On Wednesday, we studied measurements to the nearest half inch and fourth inch and reviewed how measurements utilize fractions in order to get exact measurements. Students have also worked on using liters and milliliters to measure volume.

Important Dates:  

  • April 22nd – “Flourish” TCS Spring Auction & Gala (6pm-10pm)
  • April 26th – Spring Choir Concert (1:45-2:15 pm)
  • ​​May 4th – Pass It On  (5pm at the Scottish Rite)