The Cooper School Daily

Rocking Third Graders !!!


This week in Reading, Third Graders started a new novel called The Year of the Dog. We have been focusing on point of view and learning how our opinion can be different from the narrator’s opinion. We are learning so much about Pacy, the narrator, and really enjoying reading more stories written by Asian authors!


Writing Workshop this week was spent self-assessing throughout subject areas.  We began with a general student self-assessment where students were asked to write about their feelings about school in general.  Next, students did some writing about themselves as writers.  They had to think deeply about their strengths and weaknesses and their likes and dislikes.  There is a lot more work to be done, but we look forward to sharing these self-assessments with parents!  


This week in math our scholars focused on multiplying larger numbers and multiplying multiples of ten. Our scholars were able to solve problems with equal groups. Students were so ecstatic to be able to solve problems involving multiplication within 100. Our mathematicians are really enjoying this unit and are continuing to excel everyday! 

Important Dates:

  • February 17th -Third Grade Student Social (Afterschool 3pm-4pm)
  • February 21st & 22nd – February Break (No School)