The Cooper School Daily

Round and Round We Go!

Our First Publishing

    Students prepared their final drafts of our personal narrative stories this week. Writers listened to Fourth Grade stories on Wednesday before presenting their own on Thursday. In our first published work as Second Graders, we have practiced the editing process, revising with intent, and using mentor texts to guide our writing.

Zoomers and Spinners

    Our current unit in Science involves balance, force, spin, and motion. Earlier in the week we made spinning tops. Students discovered that the faster an object spins, the more stable it becomes. We experimented with adding and taking off our plastic discs from the straw shaft to conclude that the greater the weight, or mass, the more stable our spinners became. On Tuesday we made zoomers with strings and a plastic discs. Scientists determined that force was necessary to start a motion.

Reading Goals

    We started a new unit in Reading this week. Our first task was to think and write about our reading goals for this trimester and year. Some students decided that they wanted to read longer books. Other students’ goals were to finish their first chapter book or to be able to read for longer periods of time. Encourage reading for fun at home and make sure your child has a comfy spot to snuggle up with their favorite book.


Important Dates

Tuesday, October 31st           Halloween Carnival, 11:30 Dismissal

Wednesday, November 8th     Picture Day

Monday, November 13th         Conferences, 11:30 Dismissal

Tuesday, November 14th        Conferences, 11:30 Dismissal

Monday, November 20th         Harvest Feast, 11:30 Dismissal

Tuesday, November 21st        Thanksgiving Break, No School

Monday, November 27th         School Resumes