The Cooper School Daily

Rules, Seeds & Art!

photo_1-6Hopes and Dreams

Third Graders spent time brainstorming, fine-tuning and finally writing their Hopes and Dreams for their Third Grade year. These Hopes and Dreams will hang in our classroom all year as a reminder of the goals we set. Students shared their Hopes and Dreams in our Morning Meeting and discussed what we will need to do to accomplish these goals. This led us to a beautiful discussion where we created our class rules for the Third Grade. After some revisions and a touch of editing, we agreed on the following four rules in our classroom:

1. One Voice
2. Calm bodies listen and track the speaker.
3. Follow the Golden Rule for people and property.
4. Go with flow.
Students met in small groups to discuss and illustrate what each rule should look and sound like. Ask your Third Grader about our class rules!

Observing Water’s Effect on Seeds

Third Graders have been so busy during our Seed Study! Young scientists set up mini-sprouters in their science groups to observe what effect water has on seeds. Each student is responsible for daily observations of a specific type of seed. As they make their daily observations they are illustrating the changes that have occurred and recording the properties that they notice changing. Students were so excited to seed sprouts in just one day! They have been recording changes in color and size as the seeds soak up water and expand. Stay tuned to see what we will do with our sprouted seeds!

photo_2-6Post-It Art Show

The Cooper School students have, once again been inspired by the annual Post-It Show of The Giant Robot Gallery in Los Angeles!

This year students used colored pencils, Post-Its and their creativity to visually communicate the answer to the question: What is one of your favorite foods? OR What is a food that makes you say, “Bleh!” ? Students indicated their preference by using a symbol by the name of the food.

Third Graders enjoyed learning about their peers’ food choices during their share time at the end of class.

These young artists learned that by using similar materials and subject matter, they can create a group of work with a unified look!