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Savoring Every Special Moment

Festival of Flowers

This week, we had a 1st Grade parent come in to teach us about Flores de Mayo. Flores de Mayo is a festival held in the Philippines in the month of May.  It is the most colorful, the most widely celebrated, and the most anticipated of the many festivals celebrated in the Philippines. “Flores” is the Spanish term for flowers and “Mayo” is the local term for the month of May, so Flores de Mayo literally means Flowers of May. May, after all, is the month when most flowers are in full bloom, making it the perfect time to hold such an event. Children are also very much involved in the festivities and dress up as young queens or little angels. We are grateful to Anouk’s mom, Cinelle, for sharing some of her culture with us and to Anouk for teaching us a traditional Filipino dance!

Puppet Adventure in Folklore

In Music class, students have been creating a folklore inspired musical puppet show. Through this creative play, they are using their imaginary characters to explore expressing emotions and feelings and to extend music concepts and performance concepts such a beat, rhythm, call and response songs, and changing the pitch, volume, and timbre of one’s voice.

Passing on the Good Vibes!

On the evening of Friday, May 9th, TCS students, teachers, parents, and families gathered for a poetry celebration at the Scottish Rite Center. During this annual TCS poetry showcase, Pass It On, each student has the opportunity to read an original poem on stage in front of an audience. The event kicked off with our tribute poem winner, Rafferty Berry, reading his poem. Our guest poet, Ed Gold, also shared a poem he wrote about the students’ poems. We have had lots of practice leading up to Pass It On so that students would feel comfortable on stage. We are so proud of each and every one of these brave young scholars!

Important Dates:

Sunday, May 19th-End of the Year Celebration TCS Outing to the Riverdogs Baseball Game

Friday, May 24th-1st Grade Author Expert Presentation at 8:15am in the TCS Library

Monday, May 27th-TCS Closed for Memorial Day

Thursday, May 30th-TCS Graduation (11:30 dismissal)

Friday, May 31st-Field Day/last day of school (11:30 dismissal)