The Cooper School Daily

Savvy Scientists


Your 5th grade mathematicians have been analyzing data all week and organizing it into several different graphs and tables. Our main focus this week was the stem and leaf plot. Students used their arm span, frequency tables, and even candy to create a class stem and leaf plot! They learned that the stems are usually the placeholders for the 100s and 10s place, while the leaves are the placeholders for the ones place. Ask your student which color of candy showed up the most in our bag of Skittles!

Photo Jan 27, 10 29 42 AM


Your scientists have been hard at work designing, creating, and experimenting this week.  Fifth graders have become proficient at designing controlled experiments that have a clear independent and dependent variable.  On Friday, they used this knowledge to decide on a Science Fair topic that they will be studying over the next month.  In addition to our Variables Unit investigations, 5th grade inventors spent time with the tinkering cart trying to design something that will “fly” for at least 3 seconds using at least 3 materials. They will showcase their successes next weekend at the STEM Festival!

Photo Jan 25, 1 15 29 PM


As part of the 5th grade Capstone Year, your athletes have the opportunity to participate in three sports.  After spending months learning and playing volleyball this fall, we are now focusing our attention on basketball.  This week, we practiced dribbling while protecting the ball from a defender and did some foot work to get in shape for defense!  We can’t wait for our upcoming field trips to play a full game of basketball!

Photo Jan 25, 12 37 12 PM