The Cooper School Daily

Saying Goodbye to an Epic School Year!

Paving the Way…

This week, 1st Graders interviewed 2nd Graders to get an idea of what their next year will be like. It was so wonderful to hear all the things their older peers love about 2nd Grade and it definitely got everyone excited to move up! They also reflected on their 1st Grade year and wrote letters to the Kindergarteners (rising 1st Graders). Some things they wanted to highlight from 1st Grade were the Insect Study, the Bridge Study, the Author Expert project, the exciting field trips, and that you become a better reader in 1st Grade (true).

Bidding Farewell to Our Grads

Congratulations to the 5th Graders-Carys, Grant, Hadley, Maggie, Mia, Miles, Olive, Penny, Sam, Sydney, and Willis and to their fabulous teacher, Ms. Erica! 5th Graders- you will be missed! One of our very own 1st Graders, Harry, was chosen to be a graduation buddy for a 5th Grader and attended the ceremony to present Willis with his graduation book! After the ceremony at the Circular Church, 5th Grade grads were welcomed back by all the younger students who formed a human tunnel for them to run through. Then everyone enjoyed lemonade and strawberry shortcake- a TCS tradition. Thank you to the 4th Graders and Ms. Lauren and Ms. Kara for organizing that and to Ms. Brooke for her gorgeous decorations!

Field Day and Then School’s Out for the Summer!

On Friday, May 31st, the entire Cooper School community commemorated the end of the year with Field Day. Outdoor games were organized by the graduates, and students competed with their Field Day groups decked out in their group’s color! Pelican Snowballs was the perfect sweet, cold treat to finish out a hot, but awesome day!