The Cooper School Daily

Science Fair!

Amazing Science

It was so great to see everyone on Monday for the Annual TCS Science Fair. Students worked very hard to present their projects. Students used their knowledge from many different disciplines to create their final project: graphing from Math, research skills, informational writing, and the scientific method. I listened in while our scientists presented their findings and I was very impressed by all of the extensive research they completed. They truly were experts on their own topics!

Social Studies

Students began our Social Studies unit on U.S. History this week. Students will be covering topics from the forming of the Constitution to the post-Civil War era. This week we covered the forming of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. During this Social Studies time, students have the opportunity to view small video clips, read excerpts from essays and then answer comprehension questions. Students have vast enrichment options on their iPad after they answer the questions.


Class Pets


Our class tortoises have become family to us in 5th Grade. Each Friday we take them out to roam around the flower boxes during our lunch and recess time. This always sparks some great conversations across all grade levels. The class veterinarian takes care of the tortoises each week by giving them fresh water and making sure they are stocked with good leafy greens and carrots. They love carrots! This classroom job teaches the students responsibility and compassion by making sure the tortoises have everything they need to live a healthy lifestyle.


Important Dates

  • Monday, November 12- ½ Day- Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • Tuesday,November 13- ½ Day- Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • Friday, November 16- Picture Day
  • Tuesday, November 20- ½ Day- Harvest Feast