The Cooper School Daily

Scientists, Readers, Musicians, Oh My!


In Science this week, we have started our Science Fair Projects! Students began by developing their research question and determining the materials and timeline needed to complete their experiments. As a class, we are learning how to effectively research scientific information to build our background knowledge of a certain topic.  


In reading this week, 5th Grade has completed their first reading unit! We celebrated on Friday by sharing all about our Book Club Books, having some sweet treats, and finishing, “Home of the Brave” by Katherine Applegate. This heart-wrenching book has taught us so much about themes, but now we are so excited to begin our Nonfiction unit! 


In Music on Thursday, students were lucky enough to have a special visitor. Roger Bellow worked with the students in learning about the “oldies” and creating rhythm and rhyme in their music. The students had a blast creating their own songs and rhymes to traditional western banjo and violin music played by Mr. Bellow and Mr. Bob.

Important Dates:

Monday 10/14: Fall Break

Saturday 10/18: TCS Family Night at the Stingrays 

Thursday 10/31: Halloween Carnival 11:30 Dismissal