The Cooper School Daily

Second Grade

Friday, December 18, 2020


Vocabulary in Action

Second graders always look forward to our “Text Talk” lessons. During this time, we listen to interesting stories and engage in conversations throughout the reading. Our vocabulary words come from these interesting books, which makes them fun to learn! At the end of the week, the children love to play charades using our words which helps prepare for our quizzes on Fridays!

Social Studies

This week we started our unit on the Kiawah Indians. We have been researching about their culture, the foods that they ate, how they traveled and how they made their homes. Along with our research, the children wrote and drew pictures referring to each of these content areas. They have all found this very interesting!


Our second graders had a blast playing the Dreidel game! While they found this activity super fun, they were learning math at the same time! They don’t know it, but probability and statistics (wow!) are part of this exciting game. It is a holiday tradition that was so fun to teach to the kids!

Important Dates:

Winter Break: December 21-January 4th

January 5th: Students return to school!