The Cooper School Daily

Second Grade!

Tops! Tops! Tops!

In science Second Graders have been working on balance and motion! This week we worked with tops, experimenting the best way to construct and use the tops for them to spin the longest! Each student was given a short straw and two circles with holes. Using trial and error each student had to attach and detach the circles to find the optimal way to use the top. At the end we had a top off to see which student’s top spun the longest!

Math Books!

Second Graders have been so eager during math to get to read their math book! These books are interactive and creative for the students while adding in math facts along the way! Students love to learn new things about math while incorporating reading into their school day! This is a great way for students to practice both their math skills and reading skills!

Lights! Camara! Drama!

This week we had drama! Our students were so excited to start their day with drama. They got to sing, dance, and get their sillies out, all while learning how to be an actor. Students also got to see an interactive read aloud with music and sound effects! Second Graders are so eager to learn and become strong actors!

Important Dates:

  • September 14th – Elementary Curriculum Night (5:30pm-6:15pm) 
  • September 29th- Parent Coffee (8am-8:45am)