The Cooper School Daily

Second Grade at a Glance

Off to a Great Start

   This week was back to business as the second grade class got back in the groove of The Cooper School life. On Wednesday, they joined the 3rd grade class in a backyard scavenger hunt that led them around to all corners of the backyard playground. Students learned greetings in Spanish and Nepali during Morning Meeting and played an icebreaker game where they had to find friends who like to read, love cheese grits, and much more.


Geology Rocks

   Already during our first week we’ve launched our Geology unit in Science where we take a closer look at pebbles, silt, and sand. Exploring the natural wonders of rock formations and stones will undoubtedly be a treat for these little scientists. Students took to the lab and explored rock hardness by rubbing them together and making observations about the markings and debris. Second grade will be learning more about the practicality of rocks and their use throughout history to help mankind!

Numbers and Routines

   Our Math brains are back in motion this week as we build on prior knowledge of numbers and sequences. In our first unit of Everyday Mathematics, Second Grade will review months and days, compare numbers, review sequences, number lines and more. We are also establishing routines that will be used all year to promote active and independent learning.


Monday, September 4th        Labor Day, No School

Saturday, September 16th    TCS Yard Sale 8am – 12 pm

Sunday, September 17th      New Parent Social 5:30 – 7:30 pm

Thursday, September 28th   Curriculum Night 5:30 – 6:30 pm