The Cooper School Daily

Second Grade Authors

Narrative Writing

Second Grade Authors have been working hard on writing  personal narratives.  They began with a “tiny moment” in their lives and stretched them into really great stories.  Students have spent a lot of time adding details like describing words, dialogue, bold words, and much more to their stories. We can’t wait to publish our stories next week!

Math Stars

Second Graders began a new unit of math this week in which they will develop a better understanding of measurement by relating it to addition and subtraction.  Students spent the week exploring length by measuring different objects using centimeter cubes and comparing different lengths.  Everyone seems to love this unit and all of the materials we get to use!

Drama with Mr. Ryan

Second Grade Actors have LOVED participating in Drama with Mr. Ryan on Mondays.  Students have become experts at pantomime by using their bodies to express themselves instead of their voice.  Our actors have also learned how to use their voices to act out different characters.  Drama is definitely a much loved special at TCS!

Important Dates:

Wednesday, September 30th- Virtual Curriculum Night 

Friday, October 9th- Distance Learning Day

October 12th & 13th- Fall Break (NO SCHOOL)