The Cooper School Daily

Second Grade Bird Study

Caw Caw!

This week second graders began the Bird Study with their first field trip. On Wednesday, we took a trip out to Caw Caw Nature Preserve to learn about and observe birds. Our tour guide began teaching our students all about the birds in our area and some bones they have collected. Students got to touch bird bones and listen to the flapping of feathers. Afterwards, students took a quiet bird walk around Caw Caw. Using binoculars and their listening ears students saw and heard many birds. Second graders are so excited to dive right into our Bird Study!

Examining a Real Life Bird!

To kick off our Bird Study second graders got the chance to examine a real life bird. This bird was preserved to be shown to our class in order to get an in depth look at the bird. We examined only with our eyes the different parts of the bird. Students got to see the feet of the bird and how they would catch their food. We took a close look at the feathers and all the different colors that the birds use to camouflage themselves in their environment. Second graders were so excited to see a real life bird in their own classroom!

Bird Stories

On the theme of birds, students began writing a personal story about an encounter they have had with a bird. Students wrote about being at the beach or at a park. Even helping birds that needed aid. Students used their writing tools that they have learned throughout the school year to write a descriptive story about their life, ensuring they are incorporating details about birds!

Important Dates:

April 22- Spring Flourish Auction

April 26 – Elementary Choir Concert