The Cooper School Daily

Second Grade Fun

Different Names For Numbers

Mathematicians learned multiple ways to write names for the same number in math this week. In a daily math message representing the number 20, scholars used many examples of ways to make this number. One example was the use of roman numerals or tally marks. Another scholar suggested using coins, like pennies and nickels.  Others suggested addition and subtraction problems that we do every day in rocket math exercises. The options were endless!


We have been studying the different types of shelters the Inuit people have used to live in, such as tents and igloos. This week in centers scholars got to start making their very own igloos. Our scholars used sugar cubes to build the frame of the igloos and glue to hold them together.This activity was so much fun and we enjoyed seeing the different ways the Inuit people lived. Ask your scholar about their favorite part of building their very own igloo!


We are currently on the social emotional learning topic of curiosity. Scholars have been busy writing down things they are curious about in school and outside of school. Our class created our very own “Wonder Meter” to rank how curious we are about different topics. Ask your scholar about some of the things they are curious about at home!

Important Dates

  • Thursday, October 31st – Halloween Carnival (Half Day)
  • Monday, November 11th-Grandparents Day (K-2nd)
  • Tuesday, November 12th-Grandparents Day (3rd-5th)
  • Monday, November 11th-Conferences
  • Tuesday, November 12th Conferences