The Cooper School Daily

Second Grade Fun !!

Cooper Village Jobs

Second Graders continued their Cooper Village project by applying for positions within the community. Together they compiled a list of essential community roles and then narrowed down their top three choices.  Second Graders wrote detailed reasons for their choices and why they would be most qualified to support the community’s specific needs. After selection, students will begin to research the duties of their assigned position as they each serve an important purpose in this student created village!

Art Walk Prep

Our little artists have been hard at work, polishing off their own masterpieces. The Art Walk is coming up in a few weeks, and we have quite the spectacle in store for our guests. Over the course of art classes this year, Cooper School artists have been learning techniques and styles from the world’s most renowned masters. Each student will have three pieces to display at our upcoming gallery.


Reading and writing this week centered on the topic of weather and its impact on our community.  Students read an assortment of weather related books on flooding, hurricanes, rain, and lightning.  They began to write details about weather and how it is possible to reduce its negative impact on our communities. Scholars dug deep within their texts to discover the “big idea” when it comes to weather preparation.

Important Dates

  • Monday, January 20, MLK Day – No School
  • Thursday, January 23, Dinner at Workshop
  • Tuesday, January 28, Parent Forum with LeAnn Gardner
  • Friday, January 31, Art Walk