The Cooper School Daily

Second Grade Fun!!!

Cooper Village

This week, students worked with their groups to construct their businesses. Second Graders were in charge of all major decisions such as, how the building would look, where the windows would be located, and what colors would be used to paint the exterior. Students were introduced to building materials that could be used to make their structure “green” or environmentally friendly. Some of the materials listed were solar panels, single or triple pane windows, and various installation options. Each material was given a price and, just like in any business, students were given a budget. Scholars had to discuss and compromise with each other on the materials that would best fit their business and budget. One important lesson shared by many students was that cheaper products sometimes means cheaper quality items. Nonetheless, Second Graders persevered and constructed beautifully made “green” businesses for Cooper Village.


Second Graders began Unit 6 in Everyday Math this week. The beginning lessons review strategies for solving addition and subtraction number stories using a diagram. There are three different types of diagrams presented that help students organize their information. In this unit, students are expected to enter the known quantity or identify the quantity unknown. They choose the operation needed, solve, and write the number model.

Read Aloud

Second Grade is half way through another riveting read aloud book called “Hurricane” by Terry Trueman. This is a story  of a boy’s fear and courage in the face of a force of nature too huge to even imagine. Terry Trueman’s acclaimed “Hurricane” is a gripping, realistic story told from the perspective of a hurricane survivor.

Important Dates:

Saturday, 2/8 Family Fun Night 

Thursday, 2/13 Valentine’s Day Bake Sale (2:15)

Monday, 2/17 February Break-No School