The Cooper School Daily

Second Grade News!

High Touch, High Tech

This week Second Graders had the opportunity to explore different objects that supported our unit of Balance, Force, and Motion with High Touch, High Tech. Scholars took turns at four different stations, each station either focused on balance, motion, or force. Second Graders enjoyed using suction cups to demonstrate the power of force with a partner, watching the motion of tuning forks as they vibrated, and many other activities. 


Second Graders participated in three different centers this week; math, writing, and The Science Museum. Scholars in the math center created class surveys, collected data, and represented their data through a graph. Second Graders in the writing center worked diligently on the cover for their narrative story, adding as much detail as they could. Scholars in The Science Museum took some time to enjoy the last week of the Balance, Force, and Motion museum.


Scholars were working hard on publishing their first narrative story for this school year! Second Graders partnered up and shared their stories with friends to find areas that needed refinement. Scholars then moved on to the publishing process of rewriting their final copy, illustrating, and creating a cover page. Everyone is now eager to share their final products and read their story to the class. 

Important Dates:

October 18 & 19: Fall Break (No School)