The Cooper School Daily

Second Grade News


Second Graders continued to explore nonfiction books this past week. Scholars filled their book bags with nonfiction books, this was a chance for students to explore their interests independently. Second Graders shared facts about poisonous animals, extreme weather, and how different rocks are formed. 


Mathematicians refined their adding and subtracting skills by using base ten blocks as a new strategy when working with double digit numbers. Second Graders had a chance to practice this new strategy through multiple math games. A favorite game in the classroom was 5 in a Row, where students picked a number at random and added it to a number chosen by their partner, the first one to fill in 5 number boxes wins!


For this week’s vocabulary, Scholars actively participated in a read aloud of “Grandpa’s Teeth”. Second Graders took part in a class discussion of the vocabulary words that were introduced through the book and brainstormed different examples of each word. We reviewed vocabulary with a class favorite game of charades on Thursday. Scholars acted out words such as sleuth, mystery, complain, suspect, conspiracy, and description. Be sure to ask your Scholar to give you an example of this week’s vocabulary words. 

Important Dates:

October 18 & 19: Fall Break (No School)

October 29: Halloween Carnival (11:30 Dismissal)