The Cooper School Daily

Second Grade News!

Math Manipulatives!

Second grade is beginning a new unit of math! We have begun practicing subtraction with double digit numbers! Second graders have become great at using the tools that are accessible in the classroom to help them visualize and solve math problems! The manipulatives are a great visual learning tool for all students. They especially like to use them when playing math games!

Learn to Lace!

This week students got to learn how to use lacing beads to construct patterns! Using different shaped and colored beads the students practiced creating different patterns with all different types of beads. This is a great tool for hands-on learning for pattern recognition as well as sensory skills! It was so cool to see all the different patterns they came up with!

Marble Works!

To close up our science unit of balance, force, and motion, students got to use marbles and foam tubes to construct and create different slopes and hills. Students would have to follow a picture diagram to convey the slope using the foam tube in order to roll the marble successfully down the tube and into the cup! Our scientists got so creative with the types of slopes and even a loopdeloop!

Important Dates

  • October 17-18 – Fall Break – No School