The Cooper School Daily

Second Grade News!!

Friday, January 8, 2021



Children were so excited to see Miss Libby after the holiday break! This week she focused on collages and how it is such an interesting and creative part of art. Second Graders started the first part of this project this week with drawing and coloring, which is one of their favorite mediums! They will add to their work next week and continue to focus on the different characteristics and elements of collage. 


We are moving right along in our grammar study! Each week gets a little trickier, however, our scholars are always up for the challenge. This week, through reading, partner work and interactive activities, Second Graders are learning when and how to use possessive pronouns. They have been encouraged to look for them in their reading, writing and environmental print.


On Wednesdays, all classes participate in Centers. This is a time where activities are presented to the children in each subject area where they work independently or collaboratively. This is a fun day for students to strengthen their knowledge across the curriculum through enjoyable projects and interactive work. These Centers reinforce and encourage scholars to become independent learners and take control of their own learning. 

Important Dates:

Friday, January 15: Field Trip to Charles Towne Landing

Monday, January 18th: MLK; No School