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Second Grade News

Newsletter 3-12-21

Cooper Village

We did it!! Our 2021 Cooper Village is complete! It has been almost 2 months of hard, intricate work, and we couldn’t be more proud of our students. It really came together beautifully, and the children acquired a wealth of knowledge each step of the way.. They learned to problem solve, work collaboratively, strengthen their math skills, create objects out of recycled materials and bring it all together to showcase an amazing finished product. Great job Second Graders! What a huge accomplishment!

This week we continued to learn about adding endings to words. We have been studying the ending -tion, and the 2 different sounds it can make. Working with partners was fun as it challenged students to not only say, but also spell, various words. We went on word hunts and incorporated new words into our word books and our writing. 


Movement was so fun this week! The children learned a new game called Hula Hoop Rock Paper Scissors! This game incorporated agility, team work, speed and A LOT of laughs! It is now a staple activity that we play together during our outdoor breaks! The students thought it was especially fun when the teachers played.  I’m not quite sure who loved it more… us or the kids!  Thank you Miss Hillary for always introducing the BEST games!

Important Dates:

March 29th – April 5th- Spring Break