The Cooper School Daily

Second Grade News

Newsletter 3-18-21


We have come so far in our phonics journey! Our little Phonics Professors have learned so much since the beginning of the year; we could not be more proud of them. This week we have been practicing putting all of our strategies that we have learned together to break words into bigger parts versus sounding words out letter by letter. They did a lot of partner work which they not only enjoyed, but learned from as well. It was so fun!


After every yoga session, Miss Courtney ends the practice with meditation. This has now become part of our classroom routine as we are now learning about self regulation. Through guided breath and relaxing music, students repeat quietly to themselves “mind, body, breath”. It is a wonderful way to reset and calm our bodies and our minds; and the children LOVE it! We are so appreciative of Miss Courtney’s knowledge and creativity that she brings to our students and the calmness that results from their yoga practice. 


Rocks, rocks and more rocks! Who knew they could be so fun and fascinating? We have officially started our Earth Science unit on rocks, and the children could not be more excited. We experimented with rubbing rocks together, washing them, and sorting them. They had fun going on a rock hunt outside and setting up our rock museum. Each class came up with so many creative ways to sort them and enjoyed sharing some of their own personal collections! 

Important Dates:

March 29th – April 5th- Spring Break