The Cooper School Daily

Second Grade News

Newsletter 4-23-21


This week we launched our Book Series Book Clubs! We started the unit by talking about what a book club is and how it can be a wonderful time to connect with friends through a story that they are reading. Our focus was on characters this week, and we conversed about how you can get a good idea about character traits just in the first few pages! Each group worked independently writing about the main characters in the stories and then met with each other to discuss their thoughts and observations. It has been wonderful seeing and hearing the excitement that goes into their conversations as they learn to share the love of reading. 


This week Miss Libby introduced 3D art to the class. Each student was given a choice of a healthy food that they wanted to create. After giving a mini-lesson, Miss Libby invited children to choose the supplies that they needed for their activity. It was so fun to watch how different each student made their pictures and to see the various intricate details that were added to each. The class loved the creativity that came along with this project and were super proud of their work! 


Second Graders have been working diligently on recognizing word patterns and sorting them into their correct group. Everyday builds on a lesson from the previous day and the students collaborate together to help each other study and learn. The children have really enjoyed this new unit as it is hands on and involves group work, which they love. It has been wonderful witnessing their progress and watching them carry out what they have learned in various reading activities. 

Important Dates:

May 7th: Early Dismissal 11:30 & Virtual Pass It On 

May 31: Memorial Day- No School