The Cooper School Daily

Second Grade News

May 7, 2021

Bird Study

What a fun week! Second Graders had such a great time visiting The Audubon Swamp Garden! They were in awe of not only the birds they saw, but of all of the other fascinating wildlife as well. While walking through beautiful trails, students had the opportunity to identify various species of birds and make notes about their special characteristics. There were so many to see! One student counted 42 Egrets! We are so very lucky to have had this opportunity to share such a great adventure. They are truly loving this unit in science!


Reading continues to be a special time of the day. At this time, the children are really getting to know their characters in depth and are excited to move on to the next book. This week we talked about the craft of comparison, which was something all of the students were familiar with from poetry. During group time, they all shared with each other the different comparisons they found in their stories and talked about their meaning. It was such a wonderful experience witnessing their deep understanding and importance of this type of writing in books. 

Outside Fun!

Watching our students learn through play is such a magical experience. This week, the children found a tree frog. They were so excited! We took advantage of this teachable moment and talked about its interesting characteristics and took turns holding him. While some children really wanted to keep him as a new class pet, we talked about the importance of wild animals living in their natural habitats. From lizards, to ladybugs to frogs, our students thrive on the excitement of these hands on experiences and have learned so much!

Important Dates:

May 31: Memorial Day- No School