The Cooper School Daily

Second Grade News!


Second Graders have been exploring different ways to organize and graph data in math this week. As a class, we’ve collected data on how each of us gets to school and what our favorite foods are. We discovered the two most popular foods in our classroom are pizza and sushi! We’re excited to explore more graphs and ways to organize data. 


This week we opened our Balance, Force, and Motion Science Museum! Second Graders were so excited to have the opportunity to bring in objects or toys from home that demonstrated the concepts of balance, force, or motion. So far we’ve had friends bring in spinner tops, pinwheels, a slinky, and other cool objects!


Second Graders were eager to start their spelling groups this week. We worked on categorizing words by both their sounds and their spellings. Second Graders were challenged to pick 10 of their spelling words to use in sentences. Scholars were surprised to see how easy it was to fit more than one spelling word into each sentence!   

Important Dates:

Monday, September 6th: Labor Day (No School)

Wednesday, September 22nd: Virtual Curriculum Night