The Cooper School Daily

Second Grade News!


This week in science Second Graders have been exploring the motion of rolling and how the weight of an object changes the direction of the rolling. With their science partners, Second Graders created a ramp and were challenged to roll their cups straight down. Scholars noticed that they would need additional materials in order to complete the challenge, they enjoyed finding different strategies to roll their cups using extra cups, tape, and pennies. 


Second Graders were so excited to receive their Chromebooks this week! Chromebooks will be used for research, keyboarding practice, and math enrichment. This week scholars have been practicing how to properly log into their Chromebook as well as Google Meet. Second Grades even got a chance to practice turning in an assignment through our Google Classroom. We’re looking forward to exploring Keyboarding Without Tears and Rocket Math next week!

Class Jobs

This week Second Graders started their classroom jobs. As a class we decided what jobs were necessary to make our classroom the best learning environment for everyone. Together we reviewed the importance of taking responsibility of our materials and environment. Scholars have enjoyed spending the end of their days completing their jobs and are looking forward to getting new jobs each week!

Important Dates:

Wednesday, September 22nd: Virtual Curriculum Night