The Cooper School Daily

Second Grade Ornithologists!

Birdy Study

Second Graders concluded their Bird Study this week and shared all of their hard work with friends and family. Through the past couple of months, Second Graders have researched and gathered information on their specific bird to create a slideshow including pictures and diagrams of their bird’s different features. We are so proud of these Second Graders and all of the hard work they have put into this project. 

Birds of Prey

Scholars traveled to The Avian Conservation Center & Center for Birds of Prey this past Thursday. Some Scholars were able to spot the bird they studied! We enjoyed a show of various birds of prey demonstrating different skills they use when catching prey. Ask your Scholar what their favorite bird at the center was!

Read Aloud

Second Graders have actively been listening to the book Matilda by Roal Dahl. This is a story about Matilda, a gifted girl with unpleasant parents. From a young age she can read and speaks like an adult, yet her parents don’t pay much attention to her. Second Graders have loved predicting outcomes for each chapter and can’t wait to make it to the end of the book.

Important Dates:
May 30th – Memorial Day (No School)

May 31st- Favorite Color Day 

June 1st- Wacky Tacky Day

June 2nd- Pajama Day
June 3rd – Field Day/Last Day of School (11:30am Dismissal)