The Cooper School Daily

Second Grade Rock Stars

Rock Climbers

This week second grade took a trip out to the rock climbing wall on James Island. On both Monday and Wednesday students had the chance to practice their rock climbing skills. Second graders had so much fun and had the freedom to choose any rock wall to try. Students set goals before each session and I had time to reflect with them about their progress. Students were so excited when they reached their goal!

Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary

This week Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary came to talk to the elementary school about how they help animals in Charleston County. Ms. Jennifer Middleton taught us about the ways volunteers help out with all of the two hundred animals at the sanctuary. Hallie Hill is our tribute charity for Pass It On. Our guest speaker even brought her dog, Katniss, with her to campus. Students were very excited to meet and pet Katniss.

Learning about Money

This week second grade students got a visit from United Community Bank. Our friends from the bank taught students all about different types and purposes of money. Students learned about a saving bear, spending bear, a giving bear, and an investing bear. All these bears have many important aspects to working and budgeting our money and savings. Second graders loved sharing their money habits and how they can prepare for the future!

Important Dates:

April 22 – Flourish Auction (6pm-10pm)

April 26 – Elementary Spring Concert (1:45 @ the Scottish Rite Center)

May 4 – Pass It On – 11:30 Dismissal (Event starts at 5pm @ ths Scottish Rite Center)