The Cooper School Daily

Second Grade Stars

Newsletter 1/22

Social Studies

Second Graders began our big project of Cooper Village this week! We started with researching natural disasters. A large component of this project is learning about how to build homes that can be protected against specific natural disasters. Students used their computers to learn all about hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, and fires. The next step will be learning about how to protect ourselves and homes from these natural disasters. 


This week, students wrapped up our persuasive writing unit. Second Graders started by writing letters to convince their friends to read books they love. Then, they moved on to nominating books for awards. They selected class favorites and chose an award they thought that it should win. They had nominations for Funniest Book, Best Book, Best Main Character, and more! This week, each cohort got to vote on the other cohorts nominations. We had three winners for each class! Students loved reading what others wrote and voting for their favorite. 


As part of Cooper Village, students are reading all about economics. The focus this week has been wants versus needs. Students have been discussing how to identify if something is considered a need or a want. They have also discussed how people often have to choose how to spend their money. They have studied the basics of trade and how products make it to stores. This is the basics for some big economic issues!