The Cooper School Daily

Second Grade Stars!

Newsletter 4-16-21

Morning Meeting

Everyday classes start with a Morning Meeting. These gatherings are a critical part of our day as it helps children settle in and immediately get engaged. We always start off with a question and then students move on to a “Do Now” activity. This week we have been talking about the importance of recycling and how it is crucial in order to help save our Earth from unwanted materials that harm our planet. Our discussions and activities have consisted of sorting objects that belong in the recycle bin, the compost container and the garbage. They have really enjoyed the mornings and brainstorming different ways we can keep our environment clean! 


This week we have officially wrapped up our Earth Science unit on rocks, pebbles and soil. Everyday has consisted of a mini lesson along with a hands on activity. Our big word this week was porosity, and we tested how porous sand, dirt and soil are. We poured water in each mixture and timed how long it took for it to soak all the way through. It turns out that the dry dirt was the most porous and soaked the moisture up in a matter of 6 seconds! The students have loved being outside and for our experiments and testing each of their predictions. 


Second Graders have continued to love music class and learning new songs each week. Mr. Noodle builds on prior lessons by teaching new notes and songs from their recorder books. It is super fun for them to play familiar tunes and listen to Mr. Noodle show off his incredible skills! At the end of each class, he does a fun puppet show with the class that engages them in conversation and singing. They think it’s so funny and entertaining! We are so thankful to have these engaging music classes and playful experiences each week!

Important Dates:

May 7th: Early Dismissal 11:30 & Virtual Pass It On 

May 31: Memorial Day- No School