The Cooper School Daily

Second Grade Stars!

Hopes and Dreams

Scholars have published their Hopes and Dreams for this school year, they had time to think about different things they wanted to work on and get better at during the school year. They focused on one thing to work on and went into detail about how they can accomplish this goal. Second Graders posted their Hopes and Dreams on a cloud and were then photographed in a pose they would do as if they were on top of a cloud. 


Second Graders were ecstatic to start centers this week, scholars had an opportunity to explore four different centers; Reading, Writing, Math, and Science. Second Graders will rotate to a different center daily and focus on current material as well as review and explore past materials. For this week’s centers, Reading focused on describing a favorite character from a picture book. In the Writing center scholars were challenged to write detailed step by step instructions for how to make a cardstock shape balance on a popsicle stick while using clothespins as counterweights. Scholars in the Math center had an opportunity to play a popular class game of, “How Close?” This is a game where partners draw four cards and pick three numbers to add together, keeping in mind that the goal is to get as close to the number 20 as possible. The Science center consisted of scholars exploring the toys and objects that have been added to the Balance, Force, and Motion museum. 


This week The Cooper School family was happy to welcome Charleston Stage into their classrooms. Second Graders really enjoyed being able to start their day with a drama class. Students have learned about the importance of details in motion pictures and have worked as a class to recreate action shots from a honeybee’s life such as, protecting the queen bee and collecting pollen from various flowers. 

Important Dates:

Friday, September 17th: Elementary Parent Coffee (8:15-8:45)

Wednesday, September 22nd: Virtual Curriculum Nigh