The Cooper School Daily

Second Grade Stars!


Second Graders wrapped up their first writing unit! They have completed their narrative writing and celebrated with a publishing party, where everyone shared their story about a moment in their lives that they remember. Scholars are now focusing on nonfiction writing. They took some time this week to explore different kinds of nonfiction writing and shared what they were able to learn from different products such as menus, cookbooks, brochures, and various manuals. 

Social Studies

This week Second Graders started their inuit study, we will be concentrating on the polar biomes for this study. Scholars spent this week exploring the 7 different continents, 5 different oceans, and longitude and latitude. Second Graders are able to identify the North and South Pole, equator, and the Arctic and Antarctic circle. The class had an opportunity to go on a scavenger hunt using globes and maps, familiarizing themselves with the layout. Everyone was able to find Charleston, SC on a map of The United States!


Second Graders were ecstatic to start new centers this week! The new centers consisted of math, writing, science, and computers. Scholars in the math center explored a new math game where partners take turns replacing one digit of an addition equation in an effort to create an answer that is displayed on their math BINGO board. The writing center spent some time observing Henry in his enclosure, and wrote a brief summary of what they observed as well as describing Henry’s characteristics. The science center used tools such as globes and atlases to find continents and oceans, Scholars discussed the differences and similarities between globes and atlases while deciding which would be most beneficial to use. Scholars in the computer center started with Rocket Math, reviewing their addition and subtraction facts, and moved onto Keyboarding Without Tears where they familiarized themselves with the home row on the chromebook. 

Important Dates:

October 18 & 19: Fall Break (No School)