The Cooper School Daily

Second Grade Stars!

Social Studies

Scholars continued their exploration of the polar biome this week. Second Graders learned about 12 different animal species that can be found in this environment and started independent research for a species of their choice. Scholars are now familiar with the 5 parts of the polar biome; energy, water, soil, flora, and fauna. Be sure to ask your Scholar what animal they’re researching!


Second Graders were thrilled to have new centers for the week, they practiced math strategies, read with a partner, and exercised their mapping skills. In the math center, Scholars played Capture Squares with a partner and raced to complete as many squares by answering addition problems. For the reading center, Second Graders read the book “Room on a Broom” aloud with a partner and completed a worksheet where they shared what they would make room for on their broom. The computer center gave Second Graders an opportunity to practice their addition facts on Rocket Math as well as their keyboarding skills. In the mapping center, Scholars used a compass rose to follow specific directions to find a treasure chest.


Scholars refined their nonfiction writing by reading their book to their writing partner and listening to their partner’s feedback. Second Graders discussed how to hook their reader, how to identify missing words, and were even able to point out common grammatical errors in order to better their writing. 

Important Dates:

October 18 & 19: Fall Break (No School)

October 29: Halloween Carnival (11:30 Dismissal)