The Cooper School Daily

Second Grade Stars!

Social Studies

Second Graders have been hard at work this week! Scholars have spent time researching polar animals, the inuit people, and other features of the polar biomes. Second Graders are now preparing for their first presentation, gathering information and writing reports in their own words. This time gives Scholars an opportunity to practice differentiating between relevant and irrelevant facts. 


This week’s centers consisted of math, writing, computers, and a Halloween themed center. In the math center Scholars played a game of mancala and created equations or diagrams to represent how many more or less stones one partner had when compared to the other. Scholars in the writing center practiced reading nonfiction books and were looking for the different ways diagrams can be beneficial in finding new information. In the computer center Second Graders continued to refine their addition and subtraction facts on Rocket Math, once completed, Second Graders moved on to Keyboarding Without Tears. Scholars in the Halloween themed center worked eagerly to finish various subtraction problems to reveal a hidden Halloween picture. 

Read Aloud

Second Graders have been actively listening and participating in a read aloud everyday, we have been reading “The Wild Robot” by Peter Brown. This is a story of a robot named Roz who finds herself on an unfamiliar island, she finds different ways to adapt to the environment while also trying to befriend some of the animals. Scholars have created predictions and given detailed summaries of past chapters. Second Graders recently shared a common prediction and new visitors will be joining Roz on the island. Be sure to ask your Scholar what their favorite of the book has been thus far!

Important Dates:

October 29: Halloween Carnival (11:30 Dismissal)

November 3: Picture Day

November 4: Polar Presentation