The Cooper School Daily

Second Grade Super Stars


Since we have been learning about Inuit art, Miss Libby decided to give second graders a chance to make their own soapstone carvings! Although it is a project that takes patience and a lot of intricate work, the class has loved this as a whole and get excited each week to build on their work!


During centers this week, students had the opportunity to come up with their own creative stories. The best part was that they were able to have a friend add on to their writing!  They had a fun time with this activity!


Second Graders were able to feel first hand how Polar Bears are able to live in such a cold environment. By filling a bag with Crisco and emerging their hands in ice, they were fascinated at how they did not feel any coldness on their skin! 

Important Dates: 

  • November 9th & 10th- Parent/Teacher Conferences- Please remember to sign up for your conference via Sign Up Genius 
  • November 17th- Make-up Picture Day
  • November 23rd-27th – Thanksgiving Break