The Cooper School Daily

Second Grade Villagers

Cooper Village

Second Graders spent this week creating plans for their businesses; they made floor plans and even started shopping for materials they will use to build their businesses. Each group was given a $1.00 limit for materials such as flooring, roof tiles, insulation, and solar panels. Second Graders discussed with their group members to decide on which materials to use between green friendly materials as well as cost efficient materials. Ask your Second Grader what their group bought!


This week Scholars wrapped up their Compliment Books to share on Valentine’s Day. Scholars have spent the past two weeks writing heartfelt compliments for each friend in our class. Some friends even wrote our class pet, Henry, a compliment! Once done with their writing, Scholars decorated a cover for a friend anonymously. Be on the lookout for your Scholar’s Compliment Book!

Read Aloud

Second Graders have actively participated in our read aloud with the book Hurricane. Through this book Second Graders have had a first look into the aftermath of a hurricane and both the physical and emotional damage it can cause on a community. Ask your Second Grader which part of the book has been the most interesting thus far! 

Important Dates:

February 14: Valentine’s Day 

February 16: 2nd Grade Student Social (3pm-4pm)

February 21-22: February Break