The Cooper School Daily

Second Grade

Friday, December 11, 2020



Second graders enjoyed their outside yoga class this week. Miss Courtney took them through sun salutations as well as tricky balancing poses. They practiced becoming mindful of their breath, finding peace on the mat and stillness in their bodies. We certainly have some cute little yogis in this class!

Social Studies

This week we learned about different landforms and their unique characteristics. They were fascinated that Charleston is a peninsula! We also learned all about maps; how to read them, what their purpose is and the importance of a legend. They all loved making maps of their bedrooms!

Reading and Writing

Students are enjoying choosing fun books that are interesting and enjoyable to read. During this time, children are not only enjoying their stories, but working on their fluency skills as well.  Introducing the holiday books made this even more fun!

Finding a great book is so fun to share! That is why second graders are practicing their opinion writing and recommending books to their friends! These are not only fun to read, but fascinating to see the array of books that the children love!

Important Dates:

 Pajama Day and Early Dismissal. 11:30am

Winter Break: December 21-January 4th

January 5th: Students return to school!